The Atonement Part 65--Moot Court (l)

This moot court session summarily refutes claim #12 in the composite model of penal-substitutionary atonement (PSA).  This claim states: “The Son of God becomes incarnate so that his human nature can suffer the infinite penalty as our substitute.  Thereby, God can satisfy his own wrath.”  The three concepts subsumed hereunder are:

  1. Substitution,
  2. Infinite Punishment, and
  3. God’s satisfaction of his own wrath. 

Claim #12, a cornerstone in both the medieval and modern concepts of PSA, begins crumbling the moment one holds it up to other claims made by the Atonement School.  For example, you will hear Presbyterian D. James Kennedy decry abortion as “the very antithesis of justice” because rapists are allowed to go free while the children conceived in rape are killed in abortion.  Yet this is precisely the kind of atonement transaction envisioned by claim #12: we the guilty are allowed to go free while the innocent Christ is killed in our place. 

As an added bonus, you will get a behind-the-scenes peek into how Paul and Teri record the patristic writings heard during the intermissions on Cathedral School. 

Run time: 31:49; Posted: 4/4/15